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Find the answers too many of the questions that you may have about auto insurance, from how to choose a deductible to who is covered by your policy.

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1. What is the Difference between Comprehensive VS Collision Insurance?

2. Is Buying Auto Insurance Online?

Shopping for insurance online may be a great way to get information and rough quotes, but there are drawbacks to actually buying your auto coverage that way. One of the drawbacks with buying car insurance online is that it may not match your needs. Many people go looking for instant online insurance, only to find that it is difficult to know whether it offers the right amount and type of protection. Buying a no-frills basic car insurance policy may meet state requirements, but may not provide the compensation you need to recover from an accident.

It is important to discuss your risks and coverage options with a qualified insurance agent who can help ensure that you don't have coverage gaps. An independent agent can help you learn everything you need to know to make an informed decision about your car insurance.

3. How Do I Find Fast and Accurate Insurance Quotes?

When you’re on the hunt for accurate insurance quotes, it's also important to look for coverage that makes sense for your concerns and budget. One of our insurance specialists can get you a quick quote that will be tailored to your real life needs. Moreover, we can answer all your questions about which insurance is best for you, how to get discounts and how to keep your costs low.

Independent insurance agents offer several important benefits:

  1. Your local agent not only understands the factors that make up a quality car insurance policy, but knows the requirements in your state.
  2. Independent agencies partner with multiple carriers to find the best personal auto insurance coverage for you at affordable rates.
  3. Your agent will help you find car insurance tailored to your needs, not to a mathematical formula describing what the average driver should have.