Install the Insurance Agent Mobile App

For access to your policies, auto ID cards, certificate of insurance, request a policy change or request access to other documents download the Insurance Agent App. When you request documents or a change to your policy an agent will get a notification and provide you with access to those documents as soon as the next business day. Follow the instructions below for easy access on your mobile device. 

Click here from your mobile device to download for iPhone: 
or here for Android: 

Open the  app icon once it's been downloaded to your mobile device.

1. Set up your account by entering the email address we have on file for you. (If you enter a different email address that we do not have on file just be sure to select 'Salvador Insurance' from the drop down of insurance agencies listed.)

2. A verification code will be sent to the email you entered. Enter that verification code to open the app.

3. Then click on the  icon at the bottom of the app's home screen.

4. Enter the email address we have on file for you. If you do not know the email address associated with your account we can provide that to you. Click here to request that information.